Tuesday, May 29, 2007


So, why is this blog called "my gums be itchin'?"

The short answer is everything else I thought of was taken.

The long answer was that I figured I could make some kind of long-winded, "deep" analogy between the origin of the phrase "my gums be itchin'" and my need to start this new blog. The phrase comes from Jillian's nanny*, who is from Trinidad. Jillian is teething and so the nanny says her gums be itching. Teething = new teeth.

While Jillian is cutting her new teeth, I am getting a hard time from my soon to be ex-husband (who will be referred to as MSTBX on this blog) about my old blog. So I my desire to run from him is "itching." Well it never goes away, just grows and grows. Getting MSTBX further out of my life = a continuing process and a new blog for me.**

Therefore, Jillian is getting new teeth and I am getting a new blog.

See, a deep, powerful analogy, artfully laid out by someone who is paid to logically set forth persuasive arguments. (That sentence is to be read with a health dose of sarcasm.)

*Jillian's nanny is the best. I just wanted to give her a shout out. I am so lucky to have her and so is Jillian.
**I am not sharing the link to this blog with MSTBX (hence, the getting him further out of my life) and would appreciate no one else doing so. I have had enough of his bullshit.