Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dorking out

I realized that I have compiled an arsenal of things to keep me occupied when I am either stuck in the house because J is sleeping or stuck in the house because I have no plans, it is cold and I don't want to go outside. I now have (1) a piano (2) a treadmill (3) a Wii (4) paint, that I have been using to paint walls in my house to varying degrees of success (5) The Wire all seasons (6) dvr (7) laundry....

I got the Wii for Christmas and it is somewhat addicting. Then on Christmas Eve, I attended my cousins' annual party involving Jameson (not Protestant)* whiskey shots and Rock Band. After a few glasses of wine, and some other libations, I tried the it out and had a hilarious good time even though I totally sucked.

So I bought it, well I bought Guitar Hero World Tour because that is what Circuit City had for the Wii. Last night, my mom, dad and sister played too. For hours. J of course had to get involved. She may have the most natural rhythm of any of us.

Now I am a total dork, playing by myself...I have no bandmates. But it is still fun. And funny that I am not playing my nice piano but instead banging on fake drums.

I will say that both the piano and Guitar Hero have restored my faith in the merits of "practice." The law has slowly taken it away as I may be getting better at it, but there is no real gratification in that. With Guitar Hero, I practice until I can get through a song. Then when I get through the song it tells me I ROCK and gives me "cash." I find it very rewarding.

That all being said, if anyone wants to join my band, you know where to find me. I think I will call us "Wild Rumpus." **

*that is a Wire reference, absolutely nothing against Protestants.
**Points towards making the band if you know where I pulled that name from.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A piece of Barack

Montel Williams in hocking Obama commemorative coins.

If you don't like coins you can get a commemorative plate.

In these tough economic times, I don't think Obama wants us spending $19.95 on images of him on plates and/or coins. Keep your money, he will still be the man of hope and bring change and you will have $19.95 more dollars than if you bought the plate. And I am sure he will still appreciate your support without displaying him on a PLATE.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Extraordinary (minus the extra)

I am not a super star at my law firm. I do my work, make people laugh by coming in to work wearing Phillies attire, and go home. And now, as I enter my 6th year as an associate at the same firm (which I thought I would NEVER do), I have to suck up my ordinariness and admit that, given that there are 7 people still here in my class year, I will not make partner.

I admit to not being the best little employee. Over the years, I have always gone to weddings, parties, gatherings, whatever, to see my friends. I have taken vacations so that I am the one to show J the beach for the first time. I go to every doctor's appointment. I come home by 5:30 so that I can see my kid for a few hours before she goes to sleep, rather than hiring additional help so I can work late. Same for weekends. I make sure to spend time with my family.

My firm was good to me throughout my separation and move. I am very grateful for that and always will be. It was a great relief to know I would have a job when I came out of all of it.

But the fairy tale only lasts so long. The dork in me wants an A, to make partner. However, the mom, daughter, friend, etc in me knows that I don't have the time, support, or desire to get that A. And that deep down I don't even want the prize that goes with the A. So I need to learn to be ok with a B. This will be hard. I hate to lose. Like really really hate it.

I will start looking for a new job in 2009. Keep your fingers crossed for me. It is time to move on personally, unfortunately the stellar economy disagrees as jobs are scarce.

In other news, J and I celebrated Christmas on Saturday. See pictures. Santa brought her some presents, and I got a Wii, which I am psyched about. The downside is that now she is gone to be with X for the week and his stupid girlfriend. So I am sad and on edge anyway, and the work realization is poorly timed.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Nightmares come true

I just bought tickets for J and I to go to Disney on Ice, featuring the Little Mermaid and Tinkerbell (along with Cars and The Lion King, who are decidedly less important to J). She saw a commercial for it and was like "Ariel! Skating! I want to watch this show!" Sigh. So my kid is susceptible to advertising and I have to spend a day with Disney. DAMN YOU DISNEY PRINCESSES! It is like I look in the mirror and I don't even know myself anymore....


J gave Santa a high five. Still no sitting on his lap though, but progress nonetheless.

The high five has been incorporated into "Santa Brings Me Presents," as the final lyric. It goes "and then I give him a high five."

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Olde Time Piano Party

We got our piano on Monday and J appears to really enjoy it. Tonight she sat and played by herself for about 20 minutes. I would ask her what song she was playing and this was her set list:
- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
- Old MacDonald
- London Bridge
- Ballerina Song
- Santa Brings Me Presents

None of the real songs involve the actual notes of the song, just her playing and singing along. The last two are original compositions. The Ballerina Song involves, yup a ballerina and she apparently can go on tippy toes. Santa Brings Me Presents is a moving piece about how J wants presents and Santa will put them under the tree but she only wants to see him through a telescope. It is well documented that J hates Santa in person. However, she does enjoy him in the abstract due to the presents he brings. I guess she was reading a book or something where Dora the Explorer or her cousin Diego uses a telescope to see Santa and the reindeer flying in the sky. In her mind, the telescope solved her problem of hating Santa in person, she could just keep up with him via telescope. She is a born problem solver.

So here are some pictures of her playing the piano, our tree, and our cat Buddy (J named him) lounging about. And yes she is wearing a tie-die t-shirt that was purchased in SF by....MY PARENTS. I know, you were going to guess X. But X is tragically HIP, not a tragic HIPPIE. Totally different.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Overachievers

Seems that Thanksgiving has brought everyone out of a blogging funk. Lots of new posts. Except for me. I just post to acknowledge that I suck at posting. Thus achieving the title of worst blogger ever.
So I am jumping on the holiday posting band wagon. We had a good Thanksgiving, which I am sure you are relieved to know about 2 weeks after the fact. J showed off her style in a legit Burberry skirt given to us by Aunt Bizarley, and shoes from the ever high class Tar-ghey.
Not even the chubby finger of bossiness took a break for the holidays.

Then she discovered the piano. She fell in love, whipping out the chubby finger of bossiness to anyone who would pay attention and saying "you play piano with me one minute?" Given this love, and the fact that everything is on sale in these trying economic times, we bought our very own, brand new piano. I am very excited. And fully intend to pressure her to become a great muscian. Just kidding of course. I am too lazy to pressure her to do anything.

J also fed some fish. But it was freakin' cold, so I basically threw the food in the pond and called it a day. Again, please feel free to nominate me for parenting awards. And a note on that coat. Her father purchased it (second hand of course) and I think it looks like a coat that a little African-American boy would wear to church on Sunday. And he would look very cute. J looks cute, because she is J, but I have already purchased a replacement coat.

Lastly, we did some yoga. Here is J doing the pose she made up - "baby dinosaur."