Sunday, November 30, 2008

Worst Blogger Ever

Sorry that I have been out of commission for a while. Just been lazy about uploading photos and basically everything else. We did get our Christmas tree up, which was mostly J's doing as she is very focused when she wants something done.

Oh and I have been watching the Wire, which truly is an awesome show. The first few episodes of each season make you wonder why everyone loves this show, but about 4 episodes in, you will be hooked. I just finished season two and I am bummed it is over.

And I have been reading the Twilight series books. Nothing like stories of teen vampire love to keep you occupied.

I guess I have also gone to work and been a mom. So there is that.

Anyway, more postings soon. I hope to have new pictures as soon as my sister can send them.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A sad goodbye....

As some of you may know, when X and I started dating, I got a cat. I named him Guido and he kept me company as X ignored me and ran around cheating on me. He also stayed with me while I labored in my room by myself before having Jillian. He let me pet him and didn't freak out as the contractions came. He was a good friend.

Guido died yesterday in his sleep. No one knows what happened. I am saddened by this, obviously, but also because I lost Guido in the divorce so I haven't seen him much over the past two years. He lived with X and because I could not stand being near X, I never saw Guido. When I went to X's house to get J or drop her off, I never stayed long enough to spend some time with Guido because of the awfulness of being around X. So I didn't get to say goodbye to my buddy.

So tonight, raise your glasses to my good buddy Guido. Even if you are that person who hates cats.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Expensive-ass, Literally

J has had a bit of diaper rash lately. It is seriously time to get out of diapers, which we are working on. Although according to the Montessori school we visited today, the "window" for potty training, or "tolieting" in proper Montessori terms, is 16-19 months. Well, we blew that deadline, so we are going with old fashion bribery (marshmellows for going on the potty), peer pressure ("See, Lexi pee-pees on the potty"), and discomfort ("Yeah, wet peed-in underwear sucks, huh?"). At a birthday party on Sunday she went to the bathroom, came out and announced to the whole party "I pee-peed on the potty!!!!" Everyone clapped and cheered. In that moment, I learned what pride truly feels like.

Anyway, back to the rash, because I know you are on pins and needles in excitment about where this story is going, J has a diaper rash. We have tried all kinds of drugstore creams and powders. The Aveeno actually seems to hurt it, the J&J doesn't do anything, Burt's Bees power is so-so and hella messy. So what to do? No, not seek advice from child rearing books or other parents, silly reader....that is never the answer in my house. Instead, this is what I did.....

Dig through your stuff and find the Kiehl's Diaper Cream that someone gave you as a gift. Try it. See that it works quickly and clears up the rash. Run out of cream, go to Kiehl's store to buy a new tube, find out that it is $18.00 for a few ounces. Sigh as you realize that your daughter's ass accepts only the most ridiculously expensive diaper rash cream money can buy.

Sigh, J has a high end booty.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, I mean deadly gunshot wound...*

Oh Alabama. Seriously. Football, even SEC football is just not worth killing other folks.

*For those of you who are not aware, The University of Alabama has a million cheers and nicknames that don't make sense (at least don't make sense to me). One of them is "rammer jammer yellow hammer," and I think it has something to do with a bird (even though the mascot is an elephant and the team is the Crimison Tide). I could google all of this to better explain, but I am lazy and no one reads this blog to learn things.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I haven't posted in a while, sorry. The truth is that there just has been so much going on. First, Halloween prep (pumpkin picking, shopping, party at my parents country club), then a few days at work, then the Phillies win!!!, then VEGAS!!!!, then elections! and now finally a moment to breath. And break it all down via the here we go:

J has enjoyed all of these things. She picked a pumpkin that she couldn't carry, but got to eat a donut, so all was good. She accompanied me to the Garden State Plaza to go shoe shopping. We shopped for her first and she had her feet measured. Then when we shopped for me (you seriously didn't think I wouldn't look for myself did you?) she took a bracelet she had on and "measured" my foot. It was hilarious. She just kind of makes everyone happy and is a good little shopper. Not that surprising given that she is my kid.

We did go to a Halloween party. J got her face painted, which she normally loves. However, she hated this face painting lady (see picture) and I agreed with J's assessment. If you are mean and hate kids, why would you become a face painter? It is like me becoming a cabbie or something, given that I hate to drive and hate to chat with people randomly.

Later in the week, she insisted on watching the Phillies. She gets them confused with the Eagles, to whom she shouts "don't get hurt guys!" and "yay Phils!!," but she is a good little fan. She went to the victory parade and the cops pulled her up to the front so she could dance and shout yay Phils to the news cameras. I didn't see if she made the news because I was in VEGAS.

Yup, some fools, including Bizarley, T-Pain, justsomeguy, and Young D, traveled to Sin City to partake in some sinning, as you can see from the picture. It took me like twenty minutes and chugging two beers to have the nerve to do that. (he was a go-go dancer, not a stripper, and we were at a club, not the "gentleman's" kind). We ate, drank, played craps, didn't lose too much and had a great time. Miss everyone already.

Now, by using my advanced googling skillz, I discovered that the actor that plays Dan Scott on One Tree Hill was evil frat boy John Sears on 90210 (the original and best). He must be awesome to play a part in two fantastically crappy teen dramas!