Sunday, April 27, 2008

Targeted Attacks

Today was a big upacking and organizing day, so it necessarily involved a trip to Ikea. Ikea is a great place for kids to get some energy out (which I learned from St. Scobie - muchas gracias). They can run around, climb on things, while supervised of course, and at the end get chicken nuggets for a dollar. We skipped lunch today to make it before the crowds and did just a sneak attack to get toy organizers, a kids' play table, and some bath mats. In and out.
Then we hit Lowes. Garbage can, mop, and picture hangers. In and out.

Later some Trader Joes. Carrots, cereal, juice, and flowers. In and out.

I feel like we got a lot done today and that I deserve to sit for a minute. So I will sit, but not chill out like J in the picture above. No, I will research the issues related to the federal courts' subject matter jurisdiction over foreign purchasers of a foreign company's stock on foreign exchanges. Don't hate because you are watching tv, reading, hanging with your kids, or doing something less fun. We can't all get lucky every night.

I realize that this post is a total snooze-fest, but my brain is not functioning. In the spirit of the wisdom St. Scobie passed on to me, here are some parenting tips. (1) Trying to put together Ikea furniture with a 1.5 year old is hard. While they like to try to help, you can imagine what their help looks like. (2) If you have a room with nothing in it, blow up an air mattress and stick it in there. It is like a homemade moon bounce. (3) Always carry a deck of cards with you. It helps keep them entertained while learning numbers. (4) If you are ever invited to a birthday party that features a live Elmo, you should go.

Man I am boring.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


That is the number of pairs of shoes I have under my desk. Nine pairs. And if I add up how much they collectively cost, well, you know what I am not even going to go there. With the student lending industry caving in, I don't want to think about J not getting to go to college (read Penn) because of some Gucci suede pumps (read GORGEOUS shoes).

Not sure why I am thinking about this today, given the the other things going on in the world. PA primaries were yesterday, moved into the new house, gas prices are out of control, the salad I like at Cosi has 720 calories and 68 grams of fat, I cry ever time MSTBX picks up J with that stupid, f'in, cowardly girlfriend of his, a bear killed its trainer, masturbation may lessen risk of prostate cancer, I finally watched Juno and actually didn't like it (more on that later), etc., etc.

Sometimes I wish my brain would stop its constant frolicking and detouring.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bad Ass Tutu

M visited last week and brough J this hilarious tutu. At the end of the day she likes to put it on, watch Barney and have a cocktail (read water in a sippy cup). When I come home, she informs me that she has on a tutu, is watching Barney, and drinking water. Oh and yes, that is a Penn t-shirt. I bought it about three weeks ago at J-Bux's book reading on campus. Judge me if you want, but I don't think it is pretentious to have one Penn t-shirt. Plus, she is totally going there. :)

We move to the new house tomorrow, which is exciting and hectic. Since I can't take much time off, mostly because I want to take multiple vacations this summer, I have scheduled the movers, cable guy, carpet estimate guy, and new furniture delivery person all on the same day. To be successful, I have had to assemble an all-star team comprised of Auntie L, Grandma, Pop-pop, Super nanny and myself to handle it all. Failure is not an option.

In other news, went to my five year law school reunion a weekend ago and that was really fun. J went in a moon bouncer and loved it. That child has no fear. The other "little kid" (they had to clear out all the big kids for us to go in) cried the whole time. Whereas my child not only loved it, but every time I turned around she was running to it trying to climb in. Then she stole someone's cookie. And showed a pregant lady her belly. Nice. Thanks to justsomeguy for all his help during the weekend. It was fun to play family for a while, instead of haggard mom and daredevil child trying not to lose our shit.
Don't worry, there was plenty of time for big beers at Salerno's (MAN those beers are BIG), a crappy dinner hosted by the school at Sheridan Livery (drank lots of wine to compensate), and one walking while intoxicated arrest. Good times.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Closing Time

After a year here in Philly, J and I have bought a house. Well, she isn't on the hook for the mortgage payments, just me but it is hers as well. We closed yesterday so I am a homeowner once again. Only this time, my partner in crime is a chubby short stuff, instead of a husband who never really was a partner in any sense of the word (read: didn't pay the mortgage anyway on top of all previously whined about qualities).

So here is a picture of J looking a bit sad/nostalgic about leaving our apartment. We do have a wonderful apartment and have hosted such famous guests as T&A lady, JL, J-Bux, Baby A and family..... Plus, it was decorated by M, who came all the way from SF to visit, stay with us, and help us pull it together. Even though one lamp that took a three flight tumble, J and I appreciate her help - it wouldn't have been "home" without it.*

The new place will have a true guest bedroom so all past guests are invited back, and other visitors always welcome. As are any aspiring decorators/designers.....

*in the interest of full disclosure, J did color with crayon all over the one nice piece of furniture I bought - the chair you have seen in some of these pictures. And she chose to do so in blue.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Missing J

I don't have Jillian this weekend, she is with MSBTX, the girlfriend, and the girlfriend's mom. He was annoyed with me when I asked that the nanny bring her down to him, rather than the trio hang in my apartment while J got ready. Crazy request, I know.

Anyway, it hasn't been a bad weekend. Did some work, some yoga, some drinking, was generally boring. But I was just looking at pictures of J and figured I would post a cute one. This one shows a technique I used to distract her during Easter mass. Moms, dads, guardians - feel free to copy this top notch parenting technique.

Now I desparately want Chinese food, which has not happened since leaving SF and Eric's General Tsao's chicken. Weird.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

City Baby Goes to the Beach

J and I traveled to Kiawah for Easter, and while it wasn't warm enough to swim, we still went to the beach to play. Except J was afraid of the sand. She didn't want to walk on it. She also didn't want to walk on the grass. She was totally freaked out. I didn't realize how "city" she is until I realized that the child is afraid of grass.

Anyway, she eventually warmed up to both surfaces, but absolutely refused to touch the sand with her hands. Kids are funny.