Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Potent Potables

This Saturday I tried karaoke at Yakitori Boy here in Philly with a bunch of friends, a bunch of sake and a bunch of Sapporo beers. Needless to say, it was super fun. It was also a bit sloppy at the end. And as a testiment to my age and situation, my body decided to revolt against my decision to imbibe. I did not get out of bed until 6:00 pm on Sunday. Total waste of the day. But also kinda worth it.

Saturday night occurred right on the heels of my first parent teacher conference for Jillian. So nice juxtaposition. Oh and X asking me if we could get an annullment of our marriage. That is topic for another day, because I could rage about it for a whole post. Which I probably will, but just another fun day in my life with X.

Anyway, J is rockin' school. Not surprised. The teachers love her, she is doing "work" beyond her age even though she is the youngest in the school, she is polite and has made a ton of friends. As stupid as it sounds, because seriously, it is pre-school...and it is Montessori pre-school, so I have no idea what is going on. Apparently, J plays with a pink tower (a stack of square pink blocks) and the brown steps (a stack of brown rectangles) at the level of a 4 and a half year old. Because that means something in Montessori speak. If the teacher was like "Yesterday she recited the preamble to the constitution" I would be impressed, but blocks? Whatever. I chose to believe that J is getting on with her self directed learning self.

Apparently I was so impressed with J that the next day I decided to get drunk off my arse like a dumbass.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


As one commenter (Auntie L) pointed out, J acts as her own roadie. After her performances, she breaks down her microphone and moves it away. See below, but scroll up not down. Computers are hard. Oh and bizarley, you can have THIS microphone. It was a birthday present to J from someone who obviously doesn't like me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Showtime at My House

Jillian seems to overflow with energy when I get home from work. Recently, this energy has been channeled into "entertaining" me. Here is tonight's show. It consists of multiple segments, first a few songs to warm up, then a nonsense word song so that she can really get into the dance portion, finally she finishes up with some jokes. Ok, I lied, I have only put up the songs because it is taking forever to upload the videos and the Phillies just gave up 3 runs so I am convinced that my blogging is unlucky for the Phils. I will go back to sitting in the exact same position I was sitting in when they were hitting home runs....