Sunday, November 25, 2007


Nothing much to report. Back from SF and it was fun to see everyone, work at my old office, eat too much on Thanksgiving.

Flying during the holiday wasn't that bad. Except why do people dress like complete slobs on the plane? I hate those stupid Victoria Secret "Pink" sweatpants, that say something stupid like "University of Pink" on the ass. Paired with Uggs, a sloppy ponytail, and a pillow you absolutely have to carry on the 1.5 hour flight, it is a hot look.

Plus, I stopped in Salt Lake City, UT where the inappropriate use of Tevas (and shoes like Tevas) with socks was out of control.

Maybe I am an asshole, but seriously look in the mirror.

Then when I got back, the guy I was dating for a while wanted to go out, so we did. He wants to get back together. I don't think it will happen. I am on a dating hiatus for awhile. In the meantime, here is Jillian walking around saying "no no no" and just smiling.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A few of J's favorite things....

I am going away this week, back to SF for Thanksgiving with J-town and M. Hopefully will get to see St. Scobie and family. I am kind of nervous though. I haven't been back since I left and I didn't leave under the best circumstances. I am afraid that I will be sad I moved but at the same time remember all the really crappy times I had there. Argghh. I am getting a nervous stomach just thinking about it. I know it will be a good time and need to get over myself.

Anyway, I won't be able to blog much (not that I do anyway), so here is a series of pictures of J with her favorite things - her pocketbook, my wallet, and a fish. She can say pocketbook, which is hilarious and I have no idea who taught her that word. To me "pocketbook" is a word that old ladies use, kind of like "trousers." She can also say fish although it comes out more like "bish." I know you are impressed.

Alright all, Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bachelorette Party, part deux

Two of my best friends from law school are getting married within a few months of each other in 2008. These are going to be two super fun weddings and I am excited for both. The other fun part of the impending nuptials is the bachelorette party for each. As mentioned earlier, we went to Austin for TF's and now will be heading to the Big Easy for bizarley's party. I am excited. And yes, the best employee in America, as I take off many Fridays to booze with my friends.

Thus, to commemorate these milestones, here are some pics of me, TF, and bizarley with the guy that stole the show - Larry. Larry proved to be very useful, as I forgot my id when we went out. So we either used him as a distraction and I snuck in, or a very blonde friend would pass back her id in a very obvious way. Both ways worked fine. Yup, I am 30 years old and sneaking into bars without an id. Nice.

And these two fun parties/weddings come on the heals of my famous author friend's bachelorette party and wedding - good times. It has been a fun couple of months getting to see all my friends.

I also felt like I needed to post something after yesterday's cathardic MSTBX-focused post...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Email from MSTBX Count as of 8:11 a.m.

Is three. One telling me he now wants her on a weekend that I have a party for her, which I told him about previously, one saying that he will not pay me the calculated expenses and wants me to pay for his bus passes, and one saying that he now wants the nanny to watch Jillian at his house 2-3 times a week. Note that he lives in a completely different neighborhood, so Jillian will not be able to go to her playgroup, meet her friends out, and her nanny will have a harder commute.

MSTBX likes to be difficult and try to "punish" me when he feels threatened. So here we go.

Nothing like starting a week off like this....

Saturday, November 10, 2007

As MJB Says No More Drama

The divorce process is off to a rocky start. I served MSTBX with the papers and he is flipping out because I pleaded that Jillian's primary residence is my house. Since then it has been phone calls, emails, telling me that I am starting a "nasty" custody battle....sigh. Oh and he is mad I am asking for child support.

The thing is, if I wanted to do something about custody that was "nasty" I could have done it a long time ago. Back when I was pregnant and found out he was cheating, I could have just left (although I was ginormous, see picture above). But I didn't. I stayed, I let him be there for the birth, I let him stay in the hospital with me and the baby for days while I recovered from all of it. Then I let him stay in the house when we came home - for over 5 months - so that he could be with J while she was just a little boohoo. During which time he started dating someone else, constantly picked on me, made messes I had to clean up in order to sell the house, left me to organize our moves, was a constant reminder of his cheating, etc. And NOW, after all of that, I am going to try to screw him out of custody? WTF?

So I see a long road ahead of me and all I want is for it to be over. But it seems that this is only the beginning....wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A matter of public record

Well, as of Friday, my failed marriage is a matter of public record. This is because I filed for divorce. Now I have to serve MSTBX (literally soon to be!!) with the papers. And I can change my name back, and just not be married anymore. I am actually pretty excited. At first I was on the fence about changing my name back because my married name is J's last name, but I really want to. Even though it will be alot of stupid paperwork, I don't care.

So that is my latest news. Go divorce! And now a random cute picture of baby J...