Thursday, April 22, 2010


I hope for alot of things, like kissing a boy again, my child's happiness, and to someday write another coherent blog post. But as of the 17th of this month I had billed about 174 hours. So I am no closer to kissing a boy, I haven't really seen my child and I have not blogged. The last two are related because without seeing J I haven't been able to take pictures of her, which are usually the focus of each post.

Once things calm down, I hope to post. I have a bachelorette party to go to in a few weeks, so maybe I will get drunk enough to be attractive to a boy and thus be able to report on that ellusive kiss. But more likely, the subject matter will involve Jillian and whatever gem she has shared. Which I am sure any reader will appreciate more.

Now, off to make money for the partnership....

Friday, April 2, 2010

Livin' La Vida Loca

I am sitting and watching "New Moon," which I paid $4.99 for on on demand. And it is TERRIBLE. I admit I read each of the Twilight books in about two days and enjoyed them for the most part. But this movie is a disaster. I had settled in with a cup of tea, Boo in bed, ready to relax, but this movie is actually making me angry. So now I blog.

About nothing in here are a few shots of how J and I spent our Friday night.

First, she decided to get fancy. Or as I like to call it, "dress like a crazy person." Then she loaded up two stuffed puppies and a doll into a stroller and we went to get some pizza. Because that makes sense. I took one look at the stroller and said "are you really taking all that crap?" When we got to the restaurant J looked at me and said "I need a place to park all this crap." Nice. After pizza, we went to the park. To do the following:

Walk the dog:

Then do alittle "parenting" by pushing the doll in a swing:

Still more parenting tasks, such as picking up the child after it falls off the swing and crashes to the ground (note to those that recently because parents, ahem, bizarley and THC, this is not what to do with your new baby on the playground):

Step one - baby in treacherous position:

Step two - when baby falls, check in on it:

Then we went inside and J decided to be a vet for awhile. But notice she would not put down her "pocketbook."

All in all not a bad Friday night even though I am now sitting alone, AGAIN. Only if I never put on this dumb ass movie.