Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brought to you by the letter J and the number 2

Yesterday J and I went to Sesame Place for her end of school celebration. Except there was no organization of the group. Literally, it was like email each other if you want to meet up for lunch. Since I generally don't click with the other parents, I didn't send such an email and never received one. So every now and then a random little kid would shout "Jillian!" and we would chat for a minute. Basically I took her so she wouldn't feel left out (I should have gone to work) but now realize this probably not one we have to do in the future.

That being said, we had a pretty good time. Amazing what a difference a year makes. When we went last year, we had to take a stroller, there were more rides she couldn't go on than could, etc. This year, we went on every ride except the roller coaster and played in some of the larger water rides. Also, no stroller.

And we happened to walk down "Sesame Street" just in time for the parade. The characters, who J is admittedly not super interested in, came dancing down the street giving high fives. J was excited. Then Bert asked the girl next to us to dance. She was too shy, so J naturally volunteered to dance. She spent about 3 full minutes as part of the parade dancing with Bert. Hilarious....

In other new, congrats to S and AMH on their marriage! Their wedding was this weekend and it was super fun. Everyone looked great, I wiped out on the dance floor and may or may not have drank 47 cocktails. Not exactly in that order.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Doctor Teeth

In law school there was this guy who had a FWB relationship with the local dog groomer (not that that is important or that I am judging, just a factoid that is always somehow brought up with this guy) and got his teeth whitened during his third year. Unfortunately the result was FREAKISHLY white teeth. Like scary white. You could see him rolling home from the dog groomer's in the dark of night because of their glow.

We called him, "Dr. Teeth" with the appropriate dramatic head turn and weird accent.

So sometimes I tell J that if she doesn't take care of her teeth, she will have to get them whitened and turn into Dr. Teeth. I told her the story, minus the FWB part because I don't think she gets that yet, and after her initial idea that it would be fun to be Dr. Teeth as there may be access to dogs to play with, she bought into the idea that she did not want day-glo teeth. So she would take care of her teeth now to avoid them yellowing and any subsequent whitening.

To that end, we headed to the dentist today.

Read ready to have her "teeth tickled." Which I promptly explained was having them cleaned with proper dental tools. Seriously - she gets it dental hygienist, we are here to get her teeth CLEANED not tickled.

She sat in this position for about 2 minutes straight while the hygienist got ready. I should have told her that she could relax. But I kind of wanted to see how long she would stay like this.

Then down to biz-naz, a picture of calm.

Um, not so much. Her chubby feet reveal that she is not exactly relaxed...

But that being said, she was great. I was yet again, a proud mom.

And some Jillian-isms of this week:
"Gobblers are people who come in your house and take your tv and furniture. I learned that in the book Walter the Farting Dog."
Post corn on the cob - "I need a napkin, my hands are greedy."