Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's Britney Bitch

J and I are back from Houston and have so much to report. Except right now I am exhausted, and the camera is up two flights of stairs, so the pictures will come later. We had an awesome time, so thanks to our hosts Bizarely and THC and to TFry for making the trip.

Also, thanks to Britney Spears for singing Hit Me Baby One More Time last night. Well I guess that she technically didn't "sing" it....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Jillian has started a new habit of giving me choices. For example, the other night she told me that I had a choice - I could leave her light on "a little bit" or I could leave her door open "a little" bit. Then she forces the decision. I am not allowed to bargain for a third option or refuse to choose. It is hilarious.

She also knows where she is going to college. When we drive by Penn I ask her where I went to college and she says Penn. Then I ask her where she is going to go to school and she says "YAY PENN!" I should start saving as a year of tuition will be about $1 million dollars (said Dr. Evil style) per year.

Lastly, we have been talking alot about our trip to Texas. She knowns that we will be staying at bizarley's house, that Uncle justsomeguy and the artist formally known as TFry will be there. We have been working on our yee-haws and discussed the new friends she may meet while checking out their blogs. Watch out Texas here we come.

And the picture above is random. It is a picture of J before we went to our first bris. She actually had a good time because she loves bagels and schmears. She also found the dessert table very early. Then every time I turned around, I saw her streaking towards it in a blinding chubby fury to get some rugelach.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wii Are Fit (Arguably)

J and I got a Wii fit for Valentine's day. I didn't set it up for a while, as I was still working on my Guitar Hero skillz, but did a few weeks ago. J obviously had to be involved. As soon as the thing was out of the box and the tv on, she jumped on and did what she thought she should do based on the picture that is on the box. No prompting from me or instruction. Here is a picture.

Then we both did the fit test. According to the mean wii fit board, I am 44 in Wii fit years. J is 22 and has like a 35% BMI. Of course she does she is two feet tall and a chub. But the wii fit does acknowledge that young children tend to have higher BMIs. Thanks wii fit. I will not put my two year old on a diet. She does, however, suck at the balance tests. Wii will work on that.

Job update. I got the job I interviewed for on Friday. I had another interview today, to go to the Plaintiffs' side of the bar. It went well, the named partner found me to be a "very impressive young lady" his words, and I have to go back to meet a few more people. We will see what happens. I am very very stressed out about it all. I do not think I am on the chopping block if layoffs happen - actually I know it - but is it time to move on anyway? Maybe.

My parents are not thrilled with me being a Plaintiff's attorney. I think that they will be embarrassed by it. Even though I will be 32 in less than a month, I still care what they think. I don't want them to be embarrassed by me, lord knows I have put them through enough over the past few years.