Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Jillian Show Goes On the Road

J and I went to Houston TX to visit with justsomeguy and bizarely and the rest of the crew down there. Here are some of the Jillian highlights:

- turning to person next to her on the plane, asking her name and then telling her that bizarely could give her a ride when we landed, if she needed one. Then looking for that person when we got off the plane.
- asking bizarley, sua sponte, if she is having a boy or a girl (we never even talked about how that is something you can know before having a baby)
- various princess games in which J was the princess, bizarley was always the evil queen, I was a dragon and justsomeguy and THC rotated as the prince.
- J telling bizarley that I get upset when she gets upset at stupid things such as ponytails, dresses, tights....
- Taking J for a big Tex-Mex lunch where she told her "jokes" and bizarley told her that she didn't have to eat if she didn't want to, to only get death stares from me and the other mom at the table. Oh so much to learn.
- J and E

- Jillian mingling at the baby shower, talking to people I didn't know, then asking bizarley if she could help with opening the presents.
- J being very good on the plane both ways and at the airport. Although when we landed in Houston and got off the plane, she said "Oh man, we are still in the airport!"

Now bring on the damn snowicane.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Insert "Snow + end of world" catch phrase here

This weekend it snowed in Philly. Like 28 inches. Second worst storm in Philly's history, the first one being in January 1996. I has the pleasure of being here for the 1996 storm because I was a freshman at Penn and even though it was winter break I was on campus for fencing practice. It was a rough scene, cheesesteaks were served on white bread and a bunch of fencing dorks were left with nothing but their own imaginations and bottles of 151.

This storm was decidedly different. There was no 151, it is 14 years later, I have a kid, and my parents decided to come down. Which reminds me, why can't they understand that used paper towels and napkins are NOT recyclable? I tell them ever time they are here but it is like they can't grasp the concept.

Anyway, I am rambling. I am using the last 10 minutes of peace I bought myself with an episode of Scooby Doo to write this, thus it is somewhat unplanned. I have alot to say but I am apparently unable to say it in an interesting or readable way. So here are a few haikus about what is going on.

The new job is fine
Some people are jerks, others nice
I'm still a lawyer.

I went on a date
Not much more to say on that
That says it all, no?

There is lots of snow
But I have dvr'ed shows
So I am all good.