Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dear Michael Nutter:

Please stop emailing me at work. I am not sure if your campaign just went to my law firm's website and pulled all of our email accounts, but your solicitations are not welcome. Congratulations on winning the primary, but I do not want to host a get together of friends, charging each $150, to show my support for you. I do not want to canvass a neighborhood educating folks on how great you are. I barely care that your daughter goes to public school. I am glad that you didn't wait online for a new iphone like our current mayor while murder # 245 in our city took place.

That being said - stop emailing me. It is a waste of your time because (1) it is f'in annoying, which makes me kind of hate you and (2) I am not registered to vote in Philadelphia, I am still a California voter. In fact, I am not even a registered democrat. So please just lay off.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

??? Anniversary

Today is the year anniversary from the date I found out that my husband was cheating on me. We went out to dinner and then as soon as we got home he got on the computer. As he passed me in the hall he to get to the computer I thought he was going to give me a kiss, but he didn't. I asked for one - he refused. That made me feel awesome.

So I knew he spent alot of time im-ing on the computer and I asked him if he had ever fooled around with the woman he spent all that time chatting with. Someone he worked with at HCRC in San Francsisco. He said no. I pushed it and he said they had kissed one night drunk at a bar. Mind you, that going out and getting drunk was one of his favorite things to do since I couldn't exactly tag along and neither could our fetus. I am no dummy and realize that people in their 30's (she was 39 at the time and still enjoyed doing cocaine, probably still does) don't exactly "just kiss." So it came out that they had slept together.

A few days later, when luckily my mom had come out to SF, it came out that they had an on going affair.

Now that it is a year later, he has come to the conclusion that it was all my fault. That I was a bad wife. That this person, Sue, made him feel special. This person, a 39 year old who looks like she had been rode hard and put away wet, who still does hard core drugs, and cannot go to certain bars because she has screwed one too many bartenders there gave him some boost of self esteem. As of today, he takes no responsibility for anything. He has a new girlfriend and a new reason to feel good about himself. Yet he has no real friends to turn to - not even the 39 year old slut.

This post is mean - I realize that. It is probably too mean and probably immature on my part. I had to spend two hours with him yesterday at the pediatrician (don't worry baby J is fine) and found it so infuriating. He feels that I owe him something - that I need to bow down to the things he has been through without any acknowledgement as to how his own actions got him where he is.

So that all being said, I am glad that this year is over. If you look on my old blog you will notice there were two posts on August 22, 2006. That is what I was doing while he screwed his mistress for the last time before I found out. I was excitedly (and perhaps stupidly so) posting about our baby. He was rolling around naked with someone else.

Again, apologize for the nastiness of this post. While I have come a long way, I still have days where it is all still overwhelming. Today is just one of those days. So I think I will go home and follow baby J's lead in the picture above. Take off one sock and go to sleep.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Fee Generator MP019485

At my firm you have a number that indicates that you are a fee generator (meaning that someone pays for everything you do). I have decided to get Jillian her own fee generator number, although I believe her billable rate will only be about $75/hour. What a bargain. She is a very smart baby. Trust me you want her on your matters. Imagine the oral arguments....the only word she says that makes sense is "baby" and then she blows a kiss. What judge could resist such an argument?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Be sure to keep scrolling down....

Three picture posts tonight. I am trying to make up for lost time...please forgive my lame-ass blogging lately.


New twist to dating as a single mom...meeting the family and bringing along your baby. I went to a family function with NB (new boy) that happened to be a family reunion. Not sure why I didn't think this through before going - but if you go somewhere that involves people seeing each other for the first time in ohh, 10 to 15 years, it probably isn't best to bring some chick and her 10 month old. I got so many comments - "I didn't know NB had a baby!" "I didn't know NB was married!" "That baby has NB's last name written all over her!" (ummmm....not so much).

But she is so cute, that I get why they would want to claim her.

It all worked out fine. We had a good time, Jillian enjoyed some guacamole and a cupcake (I had two cupcakes, because I can't stop myself). The family is Irish, so there was plenty of booze. By the end of the night I could have been anyone. Whiskey will do that.

Besides, his family is fun. They loved Jillian and we had a good time. It was good to see that family is something important to NB as MSTBX never seemed to feel that way.

Baby Summit 2007

This Friday, Jillian had her first sleep over with the adorable Baby A, who also happens to be the fastest crawler this side of the Mississippi. And one of the few babies who gives J a run for her money when it comes to eating.

Anyway, Jillian fell in love -- with A's dad. She loved him. She sat on his lap, let him read her books without trying to eat them, and every time I turned around she had managed to get him to pick her up. Sigh. She is into older men. Too bad for her, A's dad is taken by A's mom.

So here is a picture of J reading a book about trucks with A's dad.

Worst Blogger Ever

That's me. Sorry to those of you who still are checking this site. I have many, many new pictures to share. I was looking at some pictures of Jillian when she was younger and it is amazing how different she looks now.

Did you know that Pat Sajak spent three years in the Army and went to Vietnam? I just learned that on Wheel of Fortune. Yup, my life is still that exciting.

So to start of some posting, here is a picture of baby J chillin' in her box of animals.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Get Clean

Now that the word is out to everyone - I am going to be a bride's maid! I have never been in a wedding so I am very excited. So excited that I promise to bathe before the big day! I probably won't rock the faux-hawk though....

Thursday, August 2, 2007

"You're A Mom!!"

I have taken up the past time of drinking on Thursday nights. Not because I am a bad mom, or an alcoholic, or anything else that MSTBX can hold against me in any pending custody disputes, but to get to know people at my firm. Plus, with summer associates here the booze flows like water.

Anyway, last Thursday a couple beverages into our night at the Continental Midtown someone decided to do shots.* Woowoo shots were mentioned because they had appeared on Entourage. I hate Entourage and I hate fruity shots, so I decided that everyone would do Jagermeister shots.** I like Jagermeister shots and refuse to accept that most people find them disgusting. Just ask Bizarley of "" She was subjected to my love of Jagermeister during Beer Bike in 2004. And then we ate Taco Cabana...Good times.

So Jagermeister it was - I can be pretty persuasive once I have a couple. One summer associate was pretty adament about avoiding the shot. In fact, in trying to do so, she shouted at me "You're a mom!!!" Talk about a buzz-kill. And inappropriate. She got two shots. And her offer is on the line. Just kidding of course about the offer.***

I can have fun even though I am a mom, right? It is not like baby J was staying with me for the night. She was at MSTBX's. It is weird to be a new mom, and yet have a bit of freedom to act like a jackass on certain nights. I think I balance it pretty well, despite the summer's use of my parental status to avoid shots.

*in no way does my firm force anyone to do shots.
**Neither do I. I simply chose the shot people who wanted to do one would do. We are all adults and make our own decisions.
***No one's offer is contingent upon drinking or not making me feel like a shit mom.