Monday, July 30, 2007

Baby Jail

Jillian can now sit up and pull herself to standing in her crib. So now, she protests bed time by pulling herself up and yelling. She doesn't cry, just shouts. It is actually hilarious because she knows to stand at the corner closest to the door where I enter to save her from baby jail.

Now some random thoughts:
1. On my way home from work today I saw a car with a vanity plate that read "To BLSSED" Or something like that. So it was "To Blessed." Many things annoy me about this: (1) it is a vanity plate, which is per se annoying; (2) the grammar, isn't it "too" not "to?"; (3) can you really be too blessed? I don't know, how about so blessed?, and (4) he was blasting, I mean BLASTING, More than Words by extreme. More than Words (remember in the video the drummer just sat on a stool with a lighter because he has nothing to do in that song) was popular when I was in 8th grade and reminds me of our class field trip to the Baltimore Aquarium.
2. I forgot that in Philly after it rains, you need to walk about 5 feet from the curb. Otherwise, when cars drive by you will get soaked by the puddles splashing up. And that sucks.
3. I have to get divorced. I think that MSTBX is going to marry his new girlfriend as soon as the papers are signed. The problem is that we have to meet a residency requirement in PA before filing. We discussed it today and he still has not accepted that he cheated on me. I think he has actually forgotten that we were even married. Not surprising, but alittle bit hurtful. Even though I have moved on (really I have and he is such a bad guy to date/marry) it still hurts that he forgot me so quickly. Good luck new girlfriend. Just don't teach my kid it is ok to sleep with your ex's best friend who is still living with his wife that he cheated while she was pregnant.

Anyway, I hear someone protesting baby jail, so I better go play warden.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I had a hundred ideas....

for this post, but can't seem to think of one of them. But for fear of losing the interest of my two to three readers, I wanted to post. So here is a picture of a happy baby.

I guess I can say that we went to the mall today and were stopped by at least 10-15 people (no joke) who said how cute she is. None of them were Hollywood baby agents though. Looks like I am still on the hook for paying for college.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Coffee and Sweat

That is what the conference rooms at my office smell like. At least the ones I have to pass to get to the water cooler, snacks, and coffee. So I pass them about 75 times a day. Each time thinking, why do they smell so bad? I mean we are a pretty swanky law firm for the Philadelphia area. Can't we have non-stinky conference rooms?

I guess that many a stressful meeting and/or deposition has taken place in those rooms. I remember having to go to a three day deposition in one of those deposition death-stars. Where there are a million depos going on at once, court reporters running around, lawyers acting all important, and nervous deponents. Oh and coffee. So the rooms smell like...yup you guessed it coffee and sweat.

At this particular depo I was very very pregnant, so my olfactory sense may have been heightened. But that smell got to me. It may have also been that the night of day one of the depo, I found out MSTBX was cheating on me. Not knowing what to do, I went to day two of the deposition. So I sat there, for 7 hours, thinking about some heavy stuff, trying to time going to the bathroom to cry so that I wouldn't miss anything important, and smelling f'in coffee and sweat.

I didn't make it to day three, as I started having pain in my baby growing region and wound up in the hospital. Turned out to be contractions so I had to go on a few days of bed rest. So that is how my first-ever deposition ended.

Anyway, that is what I think about when I smell the coffee and sweat of our conference rooms and I hate it. Maybe I should febreeze the rugs and chairs when no one is looking? Or put up one of those awful "vanilla-roma" car airfresheners?

So if you didn't guess it already, I am not in the best mood. As I get back into dating, I realize that I am totally f'ed up from this whole affair/end of marriage thing. Honestly, I am glad to be out of the marriage. He treated me like crap. But now, I am so untrusting and afraid to be disappointed by someone else. In part, I "blame" you all, my friends and family. Because you guys are so awesome, I just assumed that everyone operates on the same level of awesomeness. MSTBX was the first time someone truly showed me just how cruel people can be. And I was his pregnant wife, so I didn't take it well. He continued such selfish and awful behavior as I had the baby and our marriage officially fell apart. Now it makes me kind of gun shy in terms of maybe letting someone else into my life. That is so cliche, I know. And it makes me totally crazy and no one wants to date crazy.

With that rambling post, I am off to South Carolina with Jillian. That will definitely put me in a better mood.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Weirdly Played Paul Hastings

So last night I discovered that there actually is more than meets the eye. I went to see "Transformers" at the "new" theater at Penn. (The theater has probably been there three years, but it is new to me. So much has changed up there.) It was actually a pretty fun movie, although boring at times (see e.g. fight scenes between robots I couldn't tell apart). Seeing it at Penn made it more interesting in that there were so many dorky guys in the theater. Every time the main auto-bot (good guy), Optimus Prime, showed up they went bananas. There was alot of clapping after battles between transformers. I think they liked the robots more than the hot, scantily-clad chick in the movie.

Anyway, here is the Paul Hastings tie in. The main battle takes place in a city with tall buildings that have company names on them. The first one shown says Paul Hastings. I thought it was totally weird for a law firm to do product placement in Transformers. Who knows, maybe the dorky guys cheering for the robots they played with when they were 10 (and maybe still do), have a need for a good attorney.....

Also, in a dating update, the first post-divorce break-up didn't take place.

Just to keep this blog consistent, here is a picture of Jillian playing. You can kind of see her first tooth (bottom gum).

Monday, July 2, 2007

I need another vacation

Today has been a very surreal day. I am happy that everyone is safe and sound.

Nothing much going on in my life. I think that I am going through my first post-divorce break-up. Oh the highs and lows of dating. They seem somewhat frivolous today. I will post more on the subject of dating another day.

Here is a picture of me and Jillian on the beach. We can't wait to get back.