Friday, June 29, 2007

Hot Time Friday Night

So here I am, its Friday night, and nothing much going on. But I am ok with that. Jillian is asleep, I ate my usual gourmet meal of a peanut butter sandwich, and will spend some time browsing the on demand movie list. All is pretty good.

By the way, if anyone comments on my random things list (see previous post), I will comment back with random things I know about you. Fun game.

Not much to say tonight. Just wanted to post a picture. I have so many cute ones now, thanks to my mom and M. Here is one of Jillian chillin' in her baby adirondack chair, which is at the same time cute and ridiculous.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

You're It

I think I have been tagged by St. Scobie (see link to the right, I have no idea how to make words into links and just can't let blogger win again), to tell "5 random things about myself."

1. I have never kept a calendar. I don't write down appointments, meetings, or events. Ever. So I never have to "check my calendar." Oh and no one keeps it for me.
2. I don't use conditioner and a rarely brush my hair. Is that gross? I mean I wash it, I just don't go the extra mile. My law school roommates can vouch for my lack of a thorough hair care routine. So can M, as she discovered, much to her dismay while visiting, that I don't even own conditioner. I do own a brush, I just don't really use it.
3. I don't like many things that other people like, such as The English Patient, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by David Eggers, Knocked Up, the second half of The 40 Year Old Virgin, pesto . . .
4. I have learned that I like to sleep alone. Perhaps I am just used to it? MSTBX used to yell at me all the time about being an annoying sleeper, especially when I was pregnant. I had really bad sciatica (basically a pain in your hip) while pregnant so it would take me a while to get comfortable. He would constantly wake me up to tell me how annoying I was and then stomp off to sleep on the couch. It always made me feel like crap. Maybe that is why I like sleeping alone. Or maybe I just need to find someone better (I guess that is a given).
5. Sometimes, after I take the laundry out of the dryer, I sit under it while it is all warm. Like I pile it all up on me because it is all warm and toasty. Totally weird.

I will have more pictures soon. Promise.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Love Pies in Boston

When I was little, and my middle sister littler, we used to tease each other about everything including boys (who at the time were all infected with cooties). Part of this was writing things like LG + BF and drawing a heart around it. My sister, I guess from all of her intense math training (haha) figured that since we used a "+" sign we had to also use an "=". So what would my initials plus JK's (the only boy she knew of in my class) equal? The logical answer, a love pie.

So yes, my sister tried to tease me by writing "MG + JK = a love pie". Needless to say it didn't succeed in embarrassing me, but rather cracked me up.

Spending some time with my sister a few weeks ago has brought the love pie phrase back into use. But what does that have to do with Boston?

Well, this weekend I went to Boston to watch two friends get married. They were so happy and cute, it was clear that they had made a love pie. So congratulations to J and L and best of luck.

It was a great weekend hanging out with friends, testing the limits of a GSP equipped phone (which I swear told me to go faster at one point), and not eating Dunkin' Donuts despite the fact that there is one every 10 feet in the greater Boston area.

And now, a picture of Jillian trying to steal from her grandma. Little does she know that all she has to do is ask and that grandma will give her anything.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Are you kidding me?

I honestly don't care about Paris Hilton or the fact that she is in jail, is not in jail, has perfected her signature pose on the red carpet, blah blah blah.

But with all of the attention and outcry of special treatment surrounding her time in the pokey, wouldn't you think her parents would have just played by the rules when they went to visit her? Just stood on the line like everyone else rather than getting to cut the line and hold everyone up?

But no. The Hiltons cut the line to visit Paris. More special treatment for the world to know about. If it were me, I would have just stood there on the line like a regular person. Do you think that the Hiltons are so used to special treatment that they are actually incapable of trying to do things as a regular person would have to? Do you think it even crossed their minds to not draw additional attention through more special treatment?

I don't. I think that these people are so spoiled and so used to life being just that easy that they didn't even think of it. Instead they cut the line without a second thought.

Not sure why this has gotten me so riled up. Maybe because it is country music stars week on Wheel of Fortune so I am already on edge. I hate when Wheel does this shit. I know, I know just turn it off. Or the surprise motion to compel dropped on me today despite a complete failure to meet and confer. Like dude, just pick up the phone, don't tattle to the court.

So to cheer myself up, I will post a picture of Jillian, just chillin'. Actually, despite the Hiltons, Wheel, and the motion, I am actually in a very good mood.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Secret of My Limited Success

Formerly was a high tolerance for the mundane and a freakish capacity to memorize things. These two qualities seemed to help me out in law school and as a young associate. Lately, however, I can't memorize jack. And I can't deal with the 300,000 documents that may or may not relate to the big swinging dick to be deposed in the near future. Oh and just to be clear - these document are mundane.

Maybe it is because I have gotten used to the bright colors of baby toys, where the biggest challenge is to get the rainbow colored rings onto the yellow post. Much more exciting than the black and white printouts of emails from 2002, which pose the challenge of remembering enough important stuff to put together a cohesive story.

Oh well. Perhaps tomorrow I will be motivated. Right now I am glad it is summer. Someone pass me a beeroso in a coozie.


Monday, June 11, 2007


This weekend I traveled to the ATL to visit some law school friends. Jillian did not come with me, which was weird because I didn't have my usual travel companion. I will admit though, that it is so much easier traveling by yourself than with a baby. I didn't have to check luggage or wrangle hedgehogs. Plus, she likes to indiscriminately slap arms and legs. Usually our neighbor does not appreciate this. Anyway, I assume she had an ok weekend with her father.

I had a GREAT weekend. It was so fun to see everyone and pretend we were in "college." The tequila shots were unnecessary but took me back to a special time when my body digested alcohol better. And you can never go wrong with taco cabana.

In honor of this weekend, I am doing a celebratory shoulder dance as I type and posting a picture of Jillian looking like she is having as much fun as I did this weekend.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Current Score Blogger 7, Me 0

Ok, I don't know why the post below looks so weird. I tried to get the text below the picture and it isn't working. Plus, on my apple computer, it looks normal. On my Dell it looks f'ed up. So I apologize, yet again for my technology skillz or lack thereof.

In "Sweet Home Alabama" news,* yesterday a Republican state senator punched a Democratic state senator on the floor of the senate.** This is suprising given the time of year. It is not college football season yet which is the root of many physical altercations in Alabama. Rooooollllll Tide!!!

*For those of you who don't know, I lived in Alabama for a year after law school.
**St. Scobie, which I have not read yet today, may have already blogged about this, since she seems to have her finger on the pulse of Alabama goings-on, see e.g. mini-mall post, so apologies if this is old news. Oh and the mini-mall guy is apparently going to embark on a rap career given the success of the mini-mall song. I can't wait for his first CD.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

On the Move

Jillian's grandparents bought her so much stuff for her week long visit, including the "Tot Rider 2" pictured above (that was the name on the base of the contraption). After a day or so, Jillian was completely on the loose, tot-riding around the house.

Unfortunately, my modest abode does not allow for tot-riding. Thus, I may just get one and bring it out on the sidewalk. Is that allowed? What would you do if you saw a 2 foot tall baby coming down the sidewalk in the Tot Rider 2? I think it would be hilarious.


Wasn't that the name of the "Current Affair"-type show on Beverly Hills 90210 that did an expose on the "real" kids of Beverly Hills? Where Brenda told the producers nasty things about her friends and then they all hated her after seeing the show? (well, we all kinda hated Brenda all the time but this upped the hate) The only thing Donna could say to Brenda after seeing the show was "scan, disgard, select, move on" because the SAT's were the day after the show aired. Oh Donna, thank goodness the kids of West Beverly staged that massive walk-out so that the mean administration let her graduate even though she was wasted on champagne at the prom.

I digress. Despite my apparently limitless knowledge of 90210 facts, I am a dufus. Apologies for not sending the link to this blog in my first email yesterday.

Also, for anyone interested in the backstory of the need for the new blog, you can check out the old blog. There is a link over there -> (Provided by the Management for Your Protection).

I will post some new pictures tonight.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Beach Baby

Jillian and I went down to Kiawah, S.C., along with our good friend M, to spend a week at the beach. And it was great. Not only did I get to hang out with J for a week, not work, and see my very-helpful-with-the-baby parents, I got to hang with M who I miss after moving to Philly. So it was a great combination of great things.

Jillian was hilarious in all of her beach outfits. She had 4 swimsuits, multiple coverups, sun hats and a full summer wardrobe. She was the best dressed baby on the beach. Plus, the best baby in general.

Also, M and I went to local bars and got drunk, which was surprisingly therapeutic. So it was great to have a partner in divorcees on the loose crime.

It was hard to come home. Especially since I came home to a ranting message from MSTBX telling me what a jerk I am. Sigh.